We vacation at OBX every year, in the past we have always towed our personal vehicle with our Motorhome. This year, we decided to call Island Cruisers to reserve a two door convertible from Tuesday until Friday. The weather was supposed to be beautiful, but thanks to Tropical Storm Colin, our plans changed!!! Eric called on Monday to tell us the storm was heading straight for us, he explained how the roads flood & they were bringing us a Jeep Cherokee. Valerie arrived at our Motorhome Park promptly at 9:00 in the POURING RAIN! They did not charge us one additional penny for the vehicle upgrade!! We can’t say enough about Valerie, Eric and Island Cruisers! They are professional, polite, caring people, who put their customers FIRST! Thank you Valerie and Eric for being so kind! Your generosity & caring will never be forgotten, we truly appreciate the service we received!

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