Four Wheel Drives

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Four Wheel Drives

Mid-size (Jeep Cherokees and Wranglers)

1 Day – $195.00
2 Days – $350.00
3 Days – $490.00
4 Days – $630.00
5 Days – $770.00
6 Days – $895.00
7 Days – $995.00
Each additional day,after the first week: $95.00.

Full-size (Chevy / GMC Suburbans)

1 Day – $205.00
2 Days – $370.00
3 Days – $520.00
4 Days – $670.00
5 Days – $820.00
6 Days – $945.00
7 Days – $1,045.00
Each additional day,after the first week: $95.00.

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Four Wheel Drives

Mid-sized Jeep Wrangler Cherokee 4X4s

  • 1 Day $175.00 (24 Hours)
  • 2 Days $270.00
  • 3 Days $395.00
  • 4 Days $495.00
  • 5 Days $595.00
  • 6 Days $695.00
  • 7 Days $795.00
  • Each additional day $75.00

Full-size Chevy Suburban 4X4s

  • 1 Day $185.00 (24 hours)
  • 2 Days $290.00
  • 3 Days $415.00
  • 4 Days $515.00
  • 5 Days $615.00
  • 6 Days $715.00
  • 7 Days $815.00
  • Each additional day $75.00

Four Wheel Drives

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4-Wheel Drive Rentals (Permitted on Streets and Beaches)
Rent a 4-Wheel Drive vehicle to visit the beautiful beaches of Hatteras, Ocracoke, and Carova. Choose the size and style that fits your needs.

The “Mid-size” units: ~ Jeep Wranglers are two door, seat up to four, are convertible, and have a small cargo area.

~ Jeep Cherokees are four door, seat up to five, and have a solid/hardtop roof.

The, “Full-size” units: ~ Chevy/GMC Suburbans are four door, seat up to eight or nine passengers, and have a large cargo area. Extended cab pick-up truck with: 2 doors, seats up to 6, and has a short bed. It is perfect for beach chairs, coolers, boogie and surf boards, etc. Full cab pick-up truck with: 4 doors, seats up to 6, long bed. It is also great for a lot of gear, plus can haul a kayak.

All do great on the beach and have hitch receivers for cargo, fishing, or bike racks.

The National Park Service requires all beach vehicles to obtain a 4X4 permit. The cost is $10.00 per day, for up to two days and $25.00 (total) for three or more days. We will have the permits and information here for you so you don’t have to make an additional trip to the Park Service office.

  • Take your Family Fishing for the day
  • Travel to Carova Beach and Cruise the 12 mile beach, an witness the Wild Mustangs in their natural habitat
  • Have a Bonfire
  • Spend a day on Ocracoke Island and visit the beaches where Blackbeard was notorious
  • Get away from the crowds on any one of the many beautiful Hatteras Island beaches
  • We will provide you with a book full of helpful information, access ramp maps, tide charts, weather reports, and historical tid-bits.

We will also fully instruct you with “how to” information for maneuvering the beaches successfully.
Load up the family, rods, chairs, boards, coolers, the dog, and go – all day! Our Suburbans are the “Cadillacs of the Beach” and the only way to go for an endless day of fun in the sun.
Reservations are required and should be booked at least 48 hours in advance for daily rentals. For weekly rentals, we recommend booking as soon as possible to ensure availability of your desired vehicle.

All rentals receive 200 FREE miles per day; $0.20 each additional mile. All Rates are subject to change.

We reserve the legal right to refuse rental to anyone.

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