We spent a week on OBX and one of the highlights was driving a jeep on the beach!  Valerie and Eric are wonderful people who take the time to go over things with you, give you an abundant amount of information to take along and just plain friendly to chat with!

Years ago I lived in Norfolk and my brother would take us on weekend fishing trips to Hatteras and driving on the beach was always the way to go. My brother passed away 6 years ago and I wanted to visit the place where he loved to spend his time – on the beach, fishing. My husband and I and our English Springer, Coco, were able to make this wish come true. We drove out to the point and spent a beautiful day in remembrance of my brother.

No other rentals in the area allow dogs so being able to take Coco along with us was such a plus for us!

Thank you Valeria and Eric!

Carol, Bill and Coco

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