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Golf Cart Rentals

Golf Cart Rentals

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Our Golf Carts are non-street legal and are for use in most campgrounds and many private/neighborhood streets of Rodanthe, Waves, and Salvo.

All golf carts have a 2 day minimum rental requirement.


4 Passenger:

  • $60.00/day
  • $395.00/week

6 Passenger:

  • $85.00/day
  • $570.00/week

*Taxes and Booking Fees are calculated at checkout.

Please Note:

  • Golf Carts are extremely popular through the summer months.
  • We strongly recommend booking at least one month in advance, and two months in advance for holidays.

Rental requirements:

The person renting the Golf Cart must be:

  • Present at time of delivery 
  • At least 25 years old
  • Have a current state legal driver’s license
  • Have a credit card in his/her name for a $350.00 security hold. The security hold is released at the end of the rental, once the cart and charger are checked back into the rental office and deemed to be in the same condition as when delivered.

All other drivers need to have their own state legal driver’s license.

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