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Hatteras Island Car Rentals, VW Buggy Rentals, 4X4 Jeep Rentals, and Golf Cart Rentals; most for use on the Outer Banks. (252)987-2097

Site Updates

ReadWe are currently in the process of updating our rental fleet. Prices have now been updated. However, some pictures may not accurately reflect our fleet. You can close this notice by clicking the X or anywhere on this area.

COVID-19 Info

In an effort to offer the safest transaction for both our guests and our staff we are implementing a few new policies to support social distancing. 

1. Reservations are REQUIRED and MUST be made online or on the phone.
2. All paperwork will be completed electronically, via guest’s email, prior to reservation start date.
3. We are not able to invite guests into the office at this time.
4. We will continue to clean and disinfect our fleet thoroughly before and after every single rental, with an added disinfectant application just prior to reservation start time. 
5. Everyone on our staff is required to wear masks and gloves when conducting in-person interactions with guests.
We apologize for any inconvenience these new policies may cause; nonetheless, we feel it is best to protect each other as much as possible. Feel free to call with any questions or concerns.
Please note; these policies may change throughout the season. We will continue to update here, as necessary. Thanks, in advance, for your cooperation and understanding.

Which one fits your needs?

  • 4-Wheel Drive Cruisers: Rent a 4×4 Jeep Wrangler to visit all the beautiful beaches of the Outer Banks. Read more details and rates…
  • Volkswagen Buggy Cruisers: Rent a vintage VW Buggy for a fun way to cruise the villages of Rodanthe, Waves, and Salvo completely topless and with retro island style. Read more details and rates…
  • 2-Wheel Drive Cruisers:  Rent a 2-wheel drive car if you just a need a set of wheels to cruise the entire Outer Banks, excluding the beaches. A great choice when visiting one of the many local campgrounds. Choose from Sedans or SUVs.  Read more details and rates…
  • Golf Cart Rentals: Rent a 4 or 6 passenger Golf Cart to cruise through your campground or the private streets of your neighborhood. If staying in the villages of Rodanthe, Waves, or Salvo, we will deliver and pick it up for FREE! Read more details and rates…  

Four Wheel Drives

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer guest pickup?

Yes, we offer FREE Guest Pick Up and FREE Golf Cart transport in the Tri-Villages of Rodanthe, Waves, & Salvo.

What about child safety?
All Units will accept Child Safety Seats (either provided by Renters, or you can rent one from us).
Why can’t I drive on the Dunes?
You cannot drive on the dunes for two main reasons. First, the dunes are the defensive line to our cherished islands. They protect us against rising flood waters when deadly hurricanes and harsh north east winds blow and threaten our land and lives. Driving and walking on them, loosens the vegetation and disturbs the sand, causing erosion an weakness. Second, the beaches are regulated by the National Park Service and it is strictly prohibited. It is ILLEGAL and subject to a $5,000 fine & up to six months in federal prison.”
Can our dog ride in the vehicle?

By all means, yes; dogs are welcome! If your dog is likely to jump from the vehicle, we do not recommend bringing him/her in any of the convertibles. If any damage is caused by your pet, you will be held responsible (i.e. torn seats, “potty spots”, chewed up parts, etc.) Also, if your dog sheds excessively, please clean it yourself or pay an extra fee.

Are there any extra fees?

Possible additional fees:

  • Fuel: we send all vehicles out with a full tank. The vehicle is to be re-fueled by the renter prior to return, or additional fuel charges will apply.
  • Sales tax applies to all golf cart rentals, accessory rentals, and merchandise purchases.
  • A Renter’s Collision Policy (RCP) is available for purchase. This is required for any driver that does not have full coverage; it is optional for those who do. 
  • Rented accessories such as car seats (for children), bike racks, fishing rod/cooler rack, or extra storage cargo racks
  • Excess mileage; $0.20/mile over 200 per day
  • Delivery and pick up outside of Rodanthe Waves, or Salvo
  • Cleaning fee for excessively dirty returns
  • Late fee
  • Cancellation Fee
  • Damages incurred during rental

Beach driving is a rare privilege and all laws must be respected & obeyed.

  • There is absolutely NO DRIVING ON THE DUNES!
  • Vehicles are NOT permitted to be driven through the water.
  • Reckless & / or competitive driving is prohibited both on and off-road.
  • We provide each guest with a binder full of detailed maps, instructions, and ideas of what to do and where to go. We also supply you with coupons and menus of other local businesses. We strive to do all we can to make sure your “Island Cruise” is safe, fun, & memorable.
Can I bring a cooler? What can't I bring?
Yes, we recommend bringing whatever gear you may need. We ESPECIALLY recommend: sun block, sunglasses, towels, water, snacks, etc. We do have cargo racks you can  put on the back of the Wranglers and 2-wd SUVs if you are planning to take large coolers, chairs, umbrellas, fishing poles, or bikes.
Items NOT permitted in vehicles are as follow: Open alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, fireworks, and firearms. 
Smoking of all kinds is prohibited; this includes all vaping, tobacco, and e-cigarette products. 
Where are you located?
We are located on Hatteras Island, in the village of Salvo.  We are on the West side of NC Highway 12, just South of the “Sun Realty” office.  If coming from the South, we are just North of the “Surf or Sound Realty” office.
Are you open year round?

Yes, we are open year round. Please note our hours of operation for various times of the year.

Summer  (May 1st – September 30th):

Monday – Friday:   9:00 am – 5:00 pm.

Saturday: 10:00 am – 3:00 pm (except for pre-authorized and booked reservations) 

Sunday: CLOSED (except for pre-authorized and booked reservations)

Fall, Winter, & Spring (October 1st – April 30th):

We are OPEN by pre-booked reservation ~ PLEASE CALL IN ADVANCE!! 252-987-2097

What are your rental requirements?
Reservations are REQUIRED and should be made AT LEAST, 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE; availability is limited so the sooner you book, the better chance you have of getting the vehicle, time, & day you prefer. A 20% non-refundable deposit on a credit card is required to secure your reservation.

  • Up to two people may register to drive for free; each additional driver is $5.00 per person.
  • All driver’s must be at least 25 years old.
  • All drivers must be registered on the rental contract.
  • All drivers must submit a valid drivers’ license and a current proof of auto insurance at time of registration.
  • One registered driver will also need to authorize use of a credit card (in his / her name) for the security deposit.
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